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Falling Snow on your blog


It’s almost Christmas

An easy Google search would give you tons of results for Falling Snow Effect. However annoying this could be to some, this is still a nice effect for those who are craving for some attraction in their blogs. So among all those results, here’s the easiest one to install and customize.


To add this effect on your blog:

  1. Go to your Customize Page and press the Edit Custom HTML button.
  2. Next, look for the <body> part of your codes.
  3. Paste this codes below that(below the <body>):
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://static.tumblr.com/qsifglb/mZjl87ts1/f8.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
snowStorm.snowColor = '#bbbbbb'; //
snowStorm.flakesMaxActive = 30; 

snowStorm.snowColor = ‘#bbbbbb’; // changes the color of snow by changing the value of the Hexadecimal color. For example, change #bbbbbb(grayish) to #ff0000 to make it red. You can pick a color at ColorPicker.com.

snowStorm.flakesMaxActive = 30; controls the amount of snowflakes showing in the page at the same time. 30 means there would be at most 30 snowflakes falling. Don’t go crazy with this. Better leave it as it is or don’t make it more than 50.

4.  After you’ve made the changes you want, hit the Update Preview Button, Appearance button, then Save button.

5. Check your blog if it worked.

This effect also follows your mouse’s movement. If your cursor is in the left part of the page, the snow would fall to the right and vice versa. This is also one of those snow effects that loads fast. 



updates tab 2.0 by hardziam / themesbyzsu

version 1 (one tab)

version 2 (two tabs)

The installation instructions are on the pages above. Someone requested for me to include more boxes for friends, or currently etc. 

- Flags updates tab tutorial -


Okay I’ve been asked for a tutorial for my current updates tab, which is something like this:


// static preview //

sooo tutorial under the cut! c:

Read More



Just happy<3




// Look how much taller than Zaheer P’Li is

she’s a tree of a woman isn’t this glorious

this is very similar to Sai and Lin’s height difference its great

Oh, frick.

I was talking to my husband, and I compared the height and physique disparity to Bosami.

Only it’s not a Bosami differential.  She’s a half head taller.  I repeat: oh, frick.





Just find they are too cute XD

Can we talk about how she’s canonically a half head taller than him?


Douse yourself in water, and repent!”



Hey kids!  If you’re a filmmaker, animator, or storyboard artist and you don’t know what screen direction is, you might want to read this.

For the record, there are always exceptions to the rule in filmmaking, which is why I pointed out 3 examples here.

I’ve also found that comic books tend to NOT take screen direction as seriously as film does, but I’m still on the fence if this is wise or not.  My favorite comics pay close attention to screen direction so as to not confuse the reader.

Good luck!



minghua and p’liiiiiiiii god i’ve never loved fictional characters more than i do now i’m god to hell being honest here UGH.

Infernape vs Electivire. Done by request.


Blanket Octopus

I wonder what’s the age gap between lin and suyin.

oh, now i know why minghua driving makes me happy. she needs to twirl her noodley arms around the wheel and it looked so cute o4tgrgw3prunb;;; wat